Bone Grafting and Guided Bone Regeneration

Bone grafting and guided bone regeneration(GBR) are 2 procedures used to repair and promote new bone growth in the jaw and around the teeth.

What is bone grafting and GBR?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that places a material into the area where there is insufficient bone. This material promotes bone regeneration and results in the formation of new bone in the deficient area.

GBR is the procedure where a membrane is placed over the bone graft material providing an environment that is conducive to bone regeneration. The membrane also protects the site from scar tissue.

Why is it needed?

If there is a small dip or a small reduction in the bone Guy uses this to fill in the defect so the implant can have good bone stability.

What is it?

The synthetic bone is made up from a mixture of calcium and phosphate which over time turns into your own natural bone.