Fixed Teeth in a Day

This is a revolutionary idea which can give you back all your teeth in one day!! This is suitable for people who have a full set of dentures or if all your teeth failing and don’t want to have dentures.

What is All on Four?

It is a fitted bridge of teeth which is fitted onto 4 dental implants which is all done in 1 day.

Before before
After after

Who is suitable for this treatment?

Anyone faced with a failing dentition, due to gum disease or failing bridgework, whose only other option is to wear dentures.

Currently wear upper and/or lower dentures.

Are unable to tolerate dentures.

Suffer from low self-confidence because of movement of dentures whilst talking or eating.

Feel limited with foods they can easily chew.

What is involved?

Stage 1 – initial consultation with Guy and referral for CT scan to show precise amount of bone and Guy can plan from this digitally precisely where the implants will be placed.

Stage 2 – impression moulds of your teeth will be taken so that the bridge can be constructed.

Stage 3 – Implants Placed

Stage 4 – Bridgework is placed

Stage 5 – Four months later final brigework is placed

Fixed Teeth in a Day