Intravenous Sedation

If you are nervous or really don’t feel like knowing anything about your treatment, then sedation might be the option for you. This will be discussed as part of your treatment plan. In sedation we administer a drug that will prevent you from being conscious of the procedures being carried out. You will not remember anything about the treatment, and it will seem to pass very quickly.

What is dental sedation?

Conscious Sedation is used to keep you as relaxed and carefree as possible without sending you completely to sleep. You are still in control of your body, you can breathe and cough as normal but you are in a very relaxed state.

Why use sedation?

The following are common reasons why patients opt for sedation or we recommend sedation:

If you are very nervous of dentistry or have a fear of dentistry dating back from childhood.

If you prefer not to be concious of what is going on; sedation will leave you with little or no recollection of the procedure.

Some people have a very sensitive gag-reflex or experience a choking sensation when the dentist looks inside your mouth. Sedation dramatically reduces the sensitivity of the gag-reflex allowing you to have the dental procedure performed in comfort.

We tend to recommend sedation to patients who are having longer procedures performed as it has the effect of making the operation seem like only a few minutes long.

We will make a thorough medical check to ensure that you are fit and well enough for sedation.

Will I be awake?

Yes, you will be awake for the whole procedure. This is helpful to us as you can help us by telling us how you are and whether you are comfortable. However, you will recall little if anything about the procedure after the event. You will also feel very relaxed and content.

How long does the sedation last for?

The sedation is most effective for the first 20-30 minutes. Its effect can be extended by giving it in incremental doses.
Although the sedative wears off very quickly you can have periods of drowsiness for the next 24 hours. It is therefore imperative that you do not do the following for the next 24 hours:

  • Drive
  • Operate machinary
  • Cook or boil a kettle
  • Sign a legal document