I have worked with many oral surgeons in over 20 years in general practice but Guy Mclellan is certainly the best in terms of knowledge, experience and patient care. Our patients care is always our top priority and having Guy as our in-house surgeon fills me with confidence. He is always able to handle whatever situation may arise calmly and with integrity.

Guy helps us with our treatment planning and it is a great benefit to have his surgical expertise on hand when planning cases or looking at different options. In particular, his expertise with zygomatic implants has helped us to change the lives of patients who were previously not able to access the benefits of dental implants.

After working with many different implantologists in the early years of my practice I settled to work with Guy McLellan nearly 15 years ago. I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made in my practice life. Guy has the winning combination of extreme clinical competence and brilliant customer care. He is clinically correct, has very gentle technique and has an unflappable manner with patients.

I am yet to meet a patient who has not felt comfortable with Guy, and he has been a major reason for the growth in our practice over many years